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GEAS Project Laboratory Exercises

We have created a suite of web applications for use in our laboratory exercises.

Our plotting modules allow students to create histograms and xy (scatter) plots, measuring their own data through direct experiments or utilizing the wealth of astronomical images and spectra available through online archives. Specialized tools fit particular relationships, such as the change in illumination of the Moon over the course of the month or the relationship between impactor velocity and the resulting crater diameter on Terrestrial planets and satellites.

Additional modules present specific astronomical data sets, such as the NASA imaging archive for the Martian surface and both images and spectra of distant galaxies.

These platform-independent web applications can run on any computer and require no proprietary software. Users can work in classrooms, computer labs, libraries, or at home or even in a coffee shop. Please note that all of our tools that were originally written in Flash are also available in HTML5; there are none that require that Flash be used. If you are trying to work with a Flash-based version that you have used in the past, we strongly recommend that you adopt the current HTML5 version instead.

Please feel free to explore them. Detailed instructions for usage are found in the associated lab exercises.