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Spectral Analysis Tools

Students analyze active galactic nuclei (AGN) spectra, determining redshifts and fluxes from specific emission and absorption features indicating the presence of various elements. Profiles are fit to individual lines, allowing measurements of line widths and fluxes for various species. Additional tools allow for the analysis of stellar spectra for dwarf and giant stars of various spectral types, and galaxies. In addition to line fits, blackbody curves can be fit to stellar continuum levels to determine effective temperatures.

These tools can be used to explore the stellar, variable star, and AGN spectroscopy projects of the research-based science education for undergraduates (RBSE) program, found here. Our tools replace the Graphical Analysis software described there. Please contact us if you would like to use draft revised versions of the project manuals with basic help for these tools integrated into the text.

Please note that access to SDSS database spectra and imaging will be offline until API access is restored.

New stellar analysis options include comparisons with standard star spectra, stacking spectra (just like pancakes!), and viewing spectra using fluxes or standard magnitudes.

If you use these tools, please send feedback (including requests for additional features) by contacting us. Thanks!