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Welcome to APO Users Wiki

This is a site to allow APO users to share information about using APO facilities, in particular, the ARC 3.5m telescope and its instruments. Users are encouraged to share information about instrument/telescope performance, data reduction, etc. through this wiki.

The official site web pages and manuals can be found at On this wiki we attempt to collect supplemental information and experience from users; it also provides a place for users to leave information that may be of use to others (and to themselves at some later time!). As such, however, anything posted here is not validated/guaranteed by site personnel, and users should be aware of the possibility that not everything here may be perfectly true! It is meant to be a clearing house for what people are learning.

Note that the current wiki setup allows anonymous visitors to view pages. To edit/create pages, you need to register (helpful so others can see who posted). To register, simply click the Register link at the upper right and fill out the short form. After registering, send an email to holtz at noting that you've registered and giving your connection with APO, after which you will be added to a group that can edit pages. Please edit responsibly; organization on a site like this can significantly affect its usability. Also note that at this point, this is just a wiki. There is the possibility of interfacing it with a code repository, another feature that might be implemented in the future (more likely if requested!), and perhaps mailing lists.

APO and ARC 3.5m Telescope

Users Committee, Working Groups, and Meetings

Telescope, observing, etc. information

Instrument informaton

Instrument upgrade / new instrument ideas

ARCSAT (0.5m telescope)

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