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ARCTIC Reductions Cookbook (DRAFT), by Wesley Peters, Karen Garcia, and Joe Huehnerhoff

ARCTIC quad-mode data reduction cookbook by Karen Kinemuchi

For reducing quad-mode data, special IRAF CL scripts can be obtained here: quad.tar. See the quad-mode data reduction manual for instructions.

Engineering Documentation

Mechanical Design

PDR Mechanical Design:](77mb)

Final Mechanical Design: (102mb)

Mounting plate description: Mounting plate PDF

SW Pack and Go:

[attachment:full_assem.avi Instrument Cart Movie] (40mb)

Instrument Housing Images


[wiki:Diffuser Information about ARCTIC diffuser]


Joanne Hughes Clark has provided a series of dome and sky flats that can be used to assess the vignetting across the ARCTIC FOV due to the NA2 baffle. The files (a readme file and a tar file containing all the flats) can be obtained here:

Speed Tests

With the failure of the thermoelectric cooler on Agile in July 2023, users may wish to consider the use of ARCTIC for high cadence imaging applications. In late July Russet McMillan conducted some tests of various readout modes of ARTIC. Those results can be found here: July 2023 ARCTIC speed tests.

Photometric zeropoints
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