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Users' Committee Information and Meeting Minutes

The ARC 3.5m Users' Committee plays an important role in representing the interests of the broad user community. Each institutional member of ARC (including leasing partners) has a Users' Committee (UC) representative who participates in monthly teleconferences. The UC representatives serve as a conduit of information - both from the users to the management team as well as from the management to the users. The current (2022) UC representatives are as follows:

Institution Users' Committee Representative
University of Washington Eric Bellm
University of Colorado Adam Kowalski
New Mexico State University Moire Prescott
Johns Hopkins University Kevin Schlaufman
University of Wyoming Chip Kobulnicky
Georgia State University Misty Bentz
University of Virginia Anne Verbiscer
University of Oklahoma Mukremin Kilic
Brigham Young University Denise Stephens
Seattle University Joanne Hughes Clark
Northeastern Astronomy Participation Group Jeff Bary
Florida Gulf Coast University Derek Buzasi
Meeting Minutes
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