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NICFPS data reduction routines in IRAF from Misty Bentz (Georgia State) can be found attached (nicfps_red.pdf)

John Bally's IRAF script for NICFPS data reduction can be found attached. This script is for handling the extended-object 10pt dither pattern with 5 ON and 5 OFF images. These commands require customization for each use. The script uses some “sed” tricks and requires some interactive editing. Updating of the WCS requires editing the CRVAL* and CRPIX* FITS header keywords for each image. John also uses the ds9 catalog tool to overlay 2MASS sources, which give coordiates to about 0.3“. These commands do not undistort the images; this is required for offsets larger than 20”. In the next version John plans to use GAIA DR2, but that requires other tools such as TOPCAT. The next version should be Python-based and more automated. He will update these reference materials as they are developed.

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