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Bolshoi N-body cosmological simulation was made with the Adaptive Refinement Tree (ART) code in the Fall 2008/Spring 2009 on pleiades supercomputer at NASA Ames.

Main repository of the simulation is lou at NASA AMES. AIP (Potsdam. Germany) and NMSU have many halo catalogs and some snapshots.

All information on this site is privite. You must ask for a permission to use the information. Permission can be given by one of our senior collaborators: A.Klypin (NMSU), J.Primack (UCSC), and S.Gottloeber (AIP). You may be redirected to other servers for additional information.

If you use our images or animations, credits should be given to A.Klypin (NMSU) and S.Gottlöber (AIP, Germany)


A. Klypin (NMSU)


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