Header image Parameters




h =0.70 n=0.95 sigma8 =0.820 Omega_o =0.27 Omega_bar =0.0469

Initial conditions

Zinit =80. P(k): CAMB table

Computer pleiades, NASA Ames
Code ART: MPI+OMP parallelization
  1728 nodes (MPI tasks) with 8 cores each (OMP threads) = 13824 cores. RAM = 12Tb
  Adaptive domain decomposition with 12x12x12 domains
  Code made 416 large steps with time per step varying from 4min to 1.7hrs. The total estimated cpu is 5M cpu hours, which is about two weeks of wall-clock. It took about 2months to complete the run because the system was unstable - we were using it as it was build and de-bugged.

Force resolution (one cell size) at the highest refinement level was 1 kpc/h.
Mass resolution (mass of a particle) is 1.3e8 Msun/h
Time-step at the lowest resolution : da = 2.e-3 for a<0.80 and da=3e-3 for a> 0.80
Maximum number of steps: 400000

Load balance 0.87 for z<4
0.75 for z = 1
0.50 for z = 0