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NASA Ames lou: directory aklypin/Box250d
START initial conditions 
LOGS  log files. Unfortunately those are not complete - many were lost in disk crashes.
SNAP   raw data. Mostly large tar files (100Gb each) with names MPIx.nnn.tar. Seven tar files with the same x constitute one snapshot. One snapshot is 0.5Tb, 1728*2 = 3456 files
PMFILES PM format. 8 files each 25Gb for one snapshot. Particles are sorted by their ids: the first particle will be always in the first position. 
PMss New format: each snapshot is split into 5x5x5 =125 boxes of eaqual size. Each box also has a 2.1Mpch buffer of particles. Each file can be analyzed independently of others. 
CATALOGS BDM halo catalogs 
HaloLists Catalogs with particle IDs for merging trees 
NMSU antigona: /cosmology3/aklypin/Box250d. Backup is on /cosmology4/aklypin. 16cores 16Gb ram
AIP erebos: aklypin/Bolshoi 16cores 128Gb ram