Header image Halo Catalogs

There are different types of halo catalogs. BDM halo finder provides halo catalogs, which are listed bellow. Code gives fortran-90 code to read the files and more detailed information on structure of different catalogs. It also gives the BDM code with the parameters used to make the halo catalogs and the code, which makes lists of most bound particles. Examples of halo identification are given in Pictures


Basic properties of all halos and subhalos. There is a header in each file, which describes each entry in the lists. "nnn" is the time-step number. Look in Logs for mapping to the expansion parameter and redshift.

X = V for virial overdensity

X = W for overdensity 200

There are 9-12M halos in each catalog. Catalogs are complete down to halos with 50 particles and Vmax =50km/s.