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To combat restrictive perceptions and promote inclusiveness, we are developing a set of short films showcasing the work of selected STEM professionals, focusing on dynamic members of underrepresented groups in astronomy and astronomy-related fields. Our first DVD highlights individuals involved in radio astronomy who have inspired us during our travels in New Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM):
Highlighting the Achievements of Diverse Individuals

A museum director's parent had access to only a third-grade education. One engineer attended a two-year college, while a second one holds a master's degree in electrical engineering. Another young woman became the first female PhD radio astronomer in Puerto Rico. What do these individuals, with their diverse life experiences, have in common? They all play a significant role in the success of modern radio astronomy.

This series of short films focuses on the activities, the challenges, and the dreams of scientists, engineers, and technical staff members at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), the University of Puerto Rico, and Arecibo Observatory. Join us as we travel to meet them at the Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico, and then in Puerto Rico as we ascend 450 feet to the observing platform above the largest radio telescope in the world!

All films are accompanied by discussion guides, for use with students in classroom settings and for outreach events.

  1. Show Introduction to the GEAS Film Series

  2. Show Observing the Universe, and Tracking the Bits

  3. Engineering a Telescope Array

    How Many Astronomers and Engineers Does it Take to Build a Telescope Array? Part II: Eric Chavez is not your typical electronics engineer. Travel with him by motorcycle to the Very Large Array (VLA) on the Plains of San Agustin near Socorro, New Mexico. The views are stunning from the top of Antenna 25. [Discussion Guide]

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  4. Show Radio Astronomy in Puerto Rico

  5. Show Astronomy and Outreach at Arecibo Observatory

Touring the Universe: Young Astronomers Unite!

Two short films for children introduce the counting numbers and the letters of alphabet, using engaging objects and individuals drawn from the history of the Universe.

Both films are accompanied by discussion guides, to provide background information for parents and children who wish to learn more about the astronomical topics discussed.

  1. Astronomy Counts!

    Count with us from zero to fourteen, and explore the fourteen billions years of our own Universe. [Discussion Guide]

  2. An Astronomy Alphabet

    Learn the 26 letters of the alphabet as we discuss 26 fun concepts in astronomy. [Discussion Guide]

Our film crew is drawn from graduates of the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Creative Media Institute. We collaborate with members of the NMSU department of Languages and Linguistics to provide subtitles to our films in multiple dialects of Spanish. Los Angeles-based modern composer Chris Ryan is scoring several of our films, and we also draw on the electronica of composer Brian Elyo (mobdividual). We welcome collaboration with groups who share our goal of inclusion and who can support a technical or artistic aspect of the program!

You can always find our latest films here, as soon as they become public. (This online archive includes our laboratory exercise video tutorials as well as our outreach films.) To obtain more information about our educational film series, purchase a copy of our first DVD, or to discuss its use in an educational setting, please contact us.