Specifications / Instrumentation

  • Boller & Chivens 24" Cassegrain, f/40
  • Goodrich Sensors Unlimited camera model SU640-KTSX (0.9 - 1.7 um) from MSFC
  • Kiwi GPS time tagger
  • Sony GV-D800 recorder
  • Whatever TV monitor we have laying around

Video output from the camera is sent directly to a PC for high quality recording (14 bit) as well as simultaneous output to the Sony recorder overlaid with the GPS time stamp from the Kiwi unit.


All images were taken by Ryan Hamilton in late 2008.


This telescope has been used extensively in the past 25 years for planetary observations, including monitoring of Jupiter's storms and HST-support observations of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact on Jupiter. Although it is rarely used at present, it provides opportunities for observatory training and public outreach efforts.

The last full time observer at Tortugas was Scott Murrell, whose prolific observational expertise led to many breathtaking images. His achievements are now honored and recgonized through the Murrell Award, given to graduate students for recgonition of outstanding research, professional development, and related accomplishments that raise the visibility of the NMSU Astronomy Department.


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