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NMSU Astronomy Undergraduate Lab-Wiki

A wiki for the undergraduate astronomy labs which aims to organize all the information about labs!

This wiki is intended for use by TAs, Staff, and Professors only! This wiki is not intended to be distributed to students. While currently the site is publicly accessible, I ask that this wiki not be freely shared with students.

Spring 2023 Lab Information

Lab Repository

Resources for TAs

  1. There will be weekly TA meetings on Friday at 1:00pm.
  2. Demo PowerPoints for some Lab Lectures - it is the TA's responsibility to create lecture slides tailored to your teaching style - these are provide to get you started!

NOTE - For the demo / example slides, these are to be used as guidelines and are suggestions with how you should make your lab power-point / presentation.

Lab Set Up Notes

Tombaugh Notes for TAs

Required Changes for Lab Manual

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