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Observational Run Logs for TMO


Date Observer Notes Other
4-1-2024 Zach Clouds / wind / dust Rain and wind advisory.
4-12-2024 Zach Clear in evening - clouds in morning Found dome at 3am stopped. Too cloudy to reopen. AAVSO said it ran for about ~200 mins.


Date Observer Notes Other
3-01-2024 Zach Didn't run Concerns about camera connection
3-02-2024 Zach Didn't run
3-02-2024 Zach Didn't run
3-04-2024 Zach Didn't run
3-05-2024 Zach Clouds
3-06-2024 Zach DAY TIME Updated TMO control computer -checked camera connection - the method I used to secure the head of the USB extender to the side of the tube didn't work. Tried to refasten it - will run it on a clear night to test this method.
3-07-2024 Zach Clouds / rain
3-08-2024 Zach Clouds
3-09-2024 Zach Clouds / wind
3-10-2024 Zach Opened up around 3am zach found a dome roation error - just closed down - was with dome slit in the west. AAVSO schedular said it ran for about 250 mins
3-11 to 3-28-2024 Zach Clouds / wind / not opened Not opened
3-29-2024 Zach Clear Opened - Stopped in middle of the night due to shutter error. Restarted around 3am. Got ~350 mins of data according to AAVSO scheduler report. Seems like there is 'trailing' present in exposures greater than 60 seconds.
3-30-2024 Zach Clouds / wind Dust warning
3-31-2024 Zach Clouds / wind Dust warning


Date Observer Notes Other
2-01-2024 Zach Clouds
2-02-2024 Zach Clouds
2-03-2024 Zach Clouds
2-04-2024 Zach Clouds
2-05-2024 Zach Clouds
2-06-2024 Zach Clouds Wind Advisory, by the time the wind slowed down, it was rather cloudy
2-07-2024 Zach Clouds and Chance of rain, wind advisory Opened up at 5:30pm - Dispatcher probably ran for a few minutes at most before I decided that the chance of rain (40% when I made the decision) wasn't worth the risk. Physically went up to TMO to do basic checks. I will note, it appears that the wind is blowing the sensor around. Will have to monitor it to make sure it doesn't get pushed up against the building.
2-08-2024 Zach clouds
2-09-2024 Zach Clouds
2-10-2024 Zach Clouds / rain / snow
2-11-2024 Zach Clouds
2-12-2024 Zach Clear - Opened Queue'd dispatcher to run for tonight around 5pm. Opened fine, when I left it at 8/9pm it was doing fine. At 4am I found it dome closed with “HARDWARE / Driver error due to “bad dome motor”. I was able to use ASCOM device hub to reconnect it and move it. Reopened around 4am - note, the cloud sensor has been detecting “cloudy” all night despite it being clear! Which means Zach prob needs to clean the snesor off with cleaning solution. According to TMO61 Scheduler Report for 20240212 it ran for 471 mins.
2-13-2024 Zach Clear - Opened (appeared to have a couple more problems than usual. Started dispacter in the afternoon. Found scheduler error “Scheduler operator intervention due to ACP becoming compromised around 7pm. IF ACP is still running but frozen or unresponsive. Check your ACP-connected devices and weather input now. If ACP is gone, something killed it. Scheduler depends on ACP. Try to determine why it was killed.” Likely, it was killed due to ACP's error “Run-time error '-2147352567(80020009)': Bad rotation sensor or stalled motor” Restarted telescope and let run. Stopped monitoring around 8:30pm. Around 3am the Telescope had reached horizon limit again due to similar ACP error above. Zach Restarted it around 3:30am. At 7am when Zach got up to site, the camera was stuck on “reading out” a 10 second flat exposure. This seemed to have been caused by the fact that the camera was unplugged on the telescope! Zach put a very small amount of tape on the USB to hopefully keep it more snug… According to TMO61 Schedular report, it ran for 227 mins last night.
2-14-2024 Zach DAY TIME LOG / NOTES Covered up pipe leading from bathroom to outside and reinforced it. Put tape on USB extension cable to help keep it snug (but should be loose enough to not allow problems to occur). Cleaned off sensor with cleaning solution. Rebooted / updated TMO desktop.
2-14-2024 Zach NIGHT TIME LOG / NOTES Opened up and seemed to have no issues throughout the night. Cloud sensor kept reporting clear skies. It changed to 'cloudy' in the morning as clouds came in. TMO61 Scheduler Report for 20240214 reports that it was active for 476 mins (when I checked TMO around 3am, it was just sitting / sleeping waiting.
2-15-2024 Zach Virtual Campus Obs night, plus looks to be potentially cloudy. Started ACP scheduler after the campus obs night. Checked around 3am and it appeared that things were going well, however it wasn't until 5am that I realized it was stuck on “reading” an exposure. This happened before when the camera has become physically disconnected from the telescope. Sure enough, coming up to the telescope on Feb 16th it was unpluged. Unsure of how long it actually ran (Scheduler reports it ran for about 9 hours - but it only got three images…, which mean that the camera was stuck in the read position for a significant amount of time)
2-16-2024 Zach DAY TIME MAINTENICE LOG Updated TMO Desktop. Reconnected camera USB. Pulled cable out of metal housing and provided as much slack as possible.
2-17-2024 Zach Presence of dark / grey clouds - rather cloudy and windy, keeping closed for the night
2-18-2024 Zach Opened - seemed to have quite a few issues with the dome. Opened. It seemed to run for a couple hours till I stoped monioring it around 9pm. When I found it at 3:30am, it had an ACP run time error due to a hardware error (dome / shutter error). Restarted it at 3:30am. At 4:45am there was another dome / shutter error (in same location near scoop's park) When i told the dome to go 'home', when it was about 4/5 th's done, it gave a shutter error and stopped (near dome's park position). Tried to go 'home' again and immediately gave an error for the shutter. Leaving closed for now. AAVSO reported 399 mins observed.
2-18-2024 Silvis Looking at issue of no flats for “open”
2-19-2024 Zach Looks to be cloudy for tonight
2-20-2024 Zach looks clear, opened at ~6pm. Stopped monitoring at 8pm. Found desktop at log-in screen around 2:45am (unsure of why it shut down - reliability monitor just showed vnc server had an issue?) Reopening at 3am. Scope was below horizon limit. Checked at 4am I found that ACP had stopped due to ”“HARDWARE OR DRIVER ERROR Source: MaxDome.Dome.1. Bad rotation sensor or stalled motor. This is not an ACP problem” Dome was open. Leaving closed for the night since I suspect there are checks that need to be done - going up to TMO tomorrow to check.
2-21-2024 Zach DAYTIME Maintenance - the wheel was not making firm contact with the track (especially when the dome slit was in the west). Zach tightened the screw which increases tension with the track.
2-21-2024 Zach NIGHT TIME - Clear Was clear - ACP ran the schedular without any issues! AAVSO scheduler reported 451 mins.
2-22-2024 Zach Clear - opened up. Around 3am I found ACP thinking there was a shutter error - however ACP had reported a 'stalled motor' or similar. Once I closed the slit and reopened it - I was able to restart ACP fine. According to AAVSO Scheduler report, it ran for ~440 mins. last night.
2-23-2024 Zach Opened late due to public night - ran without issues Ran for 410 mins according to AAVSO Scheduler.
2-24-2024 Zach Clouds
2-25-2024 Zach Clouds
2-26-2024 Zach Clouds
2-27-2024 Zach Clouds and winds Added open filter flats to /Users/admin/Documents/ACP Astronomy/Plans/SchedulerDawnFlats as per Arne's request. Looks to be cloudy tonight and Wed night.
2-28-2024 Zach Clouds
2-29-2024 Zach Should clear up - turned on dispatcher at 5pm - will monitor after in person Campus Obs.


Date Observer Notes Other
1-17-2024 Zach Started Dispatcher at ~6pm. Ran for ~1.5 hours. NMSU having significant networking issues. Shutdown early
1-18-2024 Zach Started Dispatcher at ~6pm. Ran for ~6 hours. Zach found “ACP Runtime Error” around 5:30am. Observations had stopped around 12-1am
1-19-2024 Zach Clouds
1-20-2024 Zach Clouds
1-21-2024 Zach Clouds
1-22-2024 Zach Clouds
1-23-2024 Zach Clouds
1-24-2024 Zach Questionable Started the C:\Documents\ACP Astronomy\Data\Code\StdDarks.vbs script at ~10am
1-25-2024 Zach Opened up for Virtual Campus Obs. Clouds could be seen through the dome. ACP's unsafe weather script took over and shut down the dome. Did the 'backup' plan for campus obs, due to chance of rain did not leave it running.
1-26-2024 Zach Opened up and it ran fine! Dial web cam feel off when tracked over the west.
1-27-2024 Zach Clear, but cloud sensor saying it was very cloudy. Started around 5:30pm. Dispatcher went for an hour then stopped due to 'very cloudy' dome was open. Closed down, restarted, went till 8:30am when it did it again. Stopped the operations after that
1-28-2024 Zach Opened up around 6:30pm, ran for about an hour. Then got too cloudy (shut down / closed dome with any issue Suspected issue with cloud sensor - reporting very cloudy when clear
1-29-2024 Zach Clouds
1-30-2024 Zach Clouds
1-31-2024 Zach Potential clouds tonight - going to use tonight to test fixes to cloud sensor Went up to check cloud sensor, noticed a green film over it. As per the sensor's manual, I attempted to clean it. I was able to remove some of the green film. Will see how the sensor responds.
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