The Suite


Files needed to run your own astro-ph web scraper, included in the tarball: Simple shell script to set necessary permissions generate HTML pages from a list of IDs/URLs Python module used by Python module to send the error email
error.mail Automatically emailed to people listed in runcoffee when the website throws an error
index.php Main site file, controls look and layout of site and includes links, input buttons, and current papers
astro_coffee.php Output from runcoffee/, included in index.php file using a PHP include
astro_coffee_sample.php sample main web page
coffee_submit.php Input form/buttons for submissions, main code in index.php so it must be included to function
listmanager.php Password-protected site to edit ID list file.
archive_top.php Top of archive file, modified form of index.php
archive_bottom.php Bottom of archive file, modified form of index.php
papers ASCII file list of paper IDs/URLs
dregs.log Logfile for submissions
status.log File containing status of previous run
style.css CSS style file to control look
general.links Links included in sidebar (1 of 2)
useful.links Links included in sidebar (2 of 2)
./images/ Website images, referenced by style.css
./archive/ Directory to house the archive files
./Private/ Directory housing the username/password/salt for input into listmanager.php
.htaccess Optional file used by Apache HTTP server to control access rights; see htaccess file in the tarball for an example
google.php Google Analytics PHP tracking file, see index.php
* This is completely optional, but interesting * BeautifulSoup library for the web scraping. It's not included, but easily available here: