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NMSU Department of Astronomy Wiki

Welcome to the internal NMSU department of astronomy wiki page! The purpose of this wiki is to provide documentation for our users.

For assistance with issues concerning the department infrastructure, please contact Zach and Jon via the issues astronomy email alias (issues at We use this alias to document and track issues in the department.

Note - While we are generally willing to assist with issues relating to personal computers, the department policy is that we will assist on a best efforts attempt for technology not under our direct control. Since we do not have control over your individual computing environment, our solution might be to use the department infrastructure.

General Front Office Information

General Information for Cluster Users

Internal Documentation for SysAdmin

Other Departmental Wikis

Note - Each wiki is a different instance of DokuWiki. As such, if you are a registered user on the astro-wiki you will not automatically have an account for TMO-Wiki, SSOC-Wiki, APO-Wiki, or the Lab-Wiki.

Additionally - although Zach does have access to each wiki for the purpose of system administration, they don't necessarily manage each wiki. See below for each wiki and the point of contact.

TMO-Wiki - Managed by Jon and Zach

SSOC-Wiki - Managed by Colin / SSOC group

APO-Wiki - Managed by Jon

Lab-Wiki - Managed by Zach and Head TA

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