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  1. Longitudinal variability in Jupiter's zonal winds derived from multi-wavelength HST observations. Johnson, Perianne E.; Morales-Juberias, Raul; Simon, Amy; Gaulme, Patrick; Wong, Michael H.; Cosentino, Richard G. Planetary and Space Science, 155, 2 (2018). [ads]
  2. An Analysis of Stochastic Jovian Oscillation Excitation by Moist Convection. Ethan Dederick, Jason Jackiewicz, and Tristan Guillot. The Astrophysical Journal, 856, 50 (2018). [ads]
  3. Adaptation of Dunn Solar Telescope for Jovian Doppler spectro imaging. Underwood, Thomas A.; Voelz, David; Schmider, Francois-Xavier; Jackiewicz, Jason; Dejonghe, Julien; Bresson, Yves; Hull, Robert; Goncalves, Ivan; Gualme, Patrick; Morand, Frederic; Preis, Olivier. Proceedings of the SPIE, 10401, 104010Y (2017). [ads]
  4. A Possible Mechanism for Driving Oscillations in Hot Giant Planets. Ethan Dederick and Jason Jackiewicz. The Astrophysical Journal, 837, 148 (2017). [ads]
  5. The effect of Jupiter oscillations on Juno gravity measurements. Durante, Daniele; Guillot, Tristan; Iess, Luciano. Icarus, 282, 174 (2017). [ads]
  6. A Distant Mirror: Solar Oscillations Observed on Neptune by the Kepler K2 Mission. Gaulme, P.; Rowe, J. F.; Bedding, T. R.; Benomar, O.; Corsaro, E.; Davies, G. R.; Hale, S. J.; Howe, R.; Garcia, R. A.; Huber, D.; Jimnez, A.; Mathur, S.; Mosser, B.; Appourchaux, T.; Boumier, P.; Jackiewicz, J.; Leibacher, J.; Schmider, F.-X.; Hammel, H. B.; Lissauer, J. J.; Marley, M. S.; Simon, A. A.; Chaplin, W. J.; Elsworth, Y.; Guzik, J. A.; Murphy, N.; Silva Aguirre, V. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 833, L13 (2016). [ads]
  7. Advances in the development of a Mach-Zehnder interferometric Doppler imager for seis- mology of giant planets. Gonalves, Ivan; Schmider, Franois-Xavier; Bresson, Yves; Dejonghe, Julien; Preis, Olivier; Robbe-Dubois, Sylvie; Appourchaux, Thierry; Boumier, Patrick; Leclec’h, Jean-Christophe; Morinaud, Gilles; Gaulme, Patrick; Jackiewicz, Jason. Proceedings of the SPIE, 9908, 99083M (2016). [ads]
  8. Experimental test of a Doppler spectro-imager devoted to giant-planet seismology and atmospheric dynamics. L. Soulat, F.-X. Schmider, S. Robbe-Dubois, Y. Bresson, J.-B. Daban, J. Gay, C. Gouvret, Y. Fantei, C. Combier, T. Appourchaux, G. Morinaud, J.C. Leclech, J.P. Dubois, and P. Gaulme. (submitted, 2015). [pdf]
  9. Seismology of Giant Planets. Gaulme, Patrick; Mosser, Benoit; Schmider, Francois-Xavier; Guillot, Tristan; Jackiewicz, Jason. (2014). [ads]
  10. The JOVIAL Project for Jovian Seismology. Schmider, F. X.; Appourchaux, T.; Gaulme, P.; Guillot, T.; Sato, B.; Murphy, N.; Daban, J. B.; Gay, J.; Soulat, L.; Baudin, F.; Boumier, P.; Ollivier, M.; Borde. P.; Jackiewicz, J.; Ida, S.; Showman, A. P. ASP, 478, 119 (2013). [ads]
  11. Forward and inverse modeling for jovian seismology. Jackiewicz, Jason; Nettelmann, Nadine; Marley, Mark; Fortney, Jonathan. Icarus, 220, 844 (2012). [ads]

Talks and Posters

  • Statistical Estimation of Properties and Variations in Jupiter’s Stratospheric Oscillation. Cosentino, Richard; Simon, Amy A.; Greathouse, Thomas K.; Fletcher, Leigh; Morales-Juberias, Raul; Orton, Glenn S.; Johnson, Perianne. American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #49.. Provo, Utah (October 2017). [ads]
  • Using Jovian Oscillations to Constrain Interiors and Understanding Why They Exist. Ethan Dederick, JIVE Team. American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #49.. Provo, Utah (October 2017). [ads]
  • Talks from NASA Technical Monitor meeting in June, 2017.
  • Talks from JOVIAL Kickoff Meeting in April 2016.
  • JIVE in NM: Jovian Interiors Velocimetry Experiment. P. Gaulme, J. Jackiewicz, JIVE team. New Mexico State University Research and Creative Activities Fair. Las Cruces, NM (October 2014). {poster} [pdf] (11Mb)


  • Ethan Dederick, PhD, 2018. "Seismic Inferences of Gas Giant Planets: Excitation and Interiors." New Mexico State University. Adviser: Jason Jackiewicz
  • Ivan Goncalves, PhD, 2018. University of Nice, France. Adviser: Francois Xavier-Schmider
  • Perianne Johnson, MS, 2017. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Adviser: Raul Morales-Juberias