NASA Technical Review Meeting 2017


All presentations will be held in the conference room (AY119) of the Astronomy building (directions). Files will be posted here.

Monday, June 26
10:00 Introductions Patricia Hynes, Mark Marley
10:15 T1: Overview of JIVE Project (.pdf, 6.2 MB) Jason Jackiewicz
11:00 T2: Instrument Concept (.ppt, 12 MB) Patrick Gaulme
11:30 T3: JIVE at the DST (.pdf, 1.8 MB) Tom Underwood
12:00 Lunch
1:30 T4: Observations and tests (.pdf, 1.8 MB, link to movies on Dropbox) Tom Underwood
2:30 T5: Science: Saturn Seismology (.pdf, 1.5 MB) Ethan Dederick
3:00 T6: Science: Atmospheric Dynamics (1) (.pdf, 4.3 MB) Perianne Johnson/Raul Morales Juberias
3:30 T7: Science: Atmospheric Dynamics (2) (.ppt, 8.1 MB) Patrick Gaulme
4:00 Discussion
6:00 Dinner at Salud! de Mesilla
Tuesday, June 27
10:00 T8: JOVIAL and network prospects (.pdf, 4.3 MB) FX Schmider (remote)
11:00 Final discussions and information sharing

NASA Report Questions

  1. Has the research group accomplished a significant amount of the research originally proposed?
  2. Is the proposed continuation work of value to NASA?
  3. Is there a current NASA Project/Program that can benefit from this research?
  4. If appropriate, what is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of this Research Project (1-9)?

JIVE Participants

  • Dr. Patricia Hynes, EPSCoR PI, Director, New Mexico Space Grant Consortium
  • Dr. Jason Jackiewicz, Science PI, NMSU
  • Dr. Patrick Gaulme, Science Co-I, NMSU
  • Dr. David Voelz, Instrument PI, NMSU (away at a conference)
  • Dr. Raul Morales Juberias, NM Tech
  • Tom Underwood, Graduate student, NMSU
  • Ethan Dederick, Graduate student, NMSU
  • Perianne Johnson, Graduate student, NM Tech
  • Robert Hull, Senior technician, NMSU

External Participants

  • Dr. Mark Marley, Technical Monitor, NASA Ames
  • Dr. Reinhard Friedel, LANL, Director of Center for Space and Earth Science (online participation)
  • Dr. FX Schmider, JOVIAL PI, University of Nice (online participation)