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TMO Zoom Open House notes

Set up the event:

  • create Zoom meeting (from template)
  • Send email to astroall@… if you include astroall@ in the general email, only BCC!!!
  • Send email to openhouse@… BUT ONLY INCLUDE openhouse@ in the BCC field!!!
  • Post to Socials (create FB event)
  • Advertise in Sun News and Hotline

Before going up, make sure to have:

  • keys!
  • USB camera
  • Ethernet connector
  • phone with charger
  • laptop with charger
  • any demo material
  • flashlight for coming down
  • food/drink

Demo setup, as needed

Note: have always done these with laptop, but perhaps easier to just use the TMO computer, if we can get a USB camera and Zoom working with it. Easier setup, and larger screen! No VNC!

At the dome

  • plug in phone
  • plug in computer
  • attach ethernet, display (take from computer), keyboard/mouse (also from computer), camera to laptop


  • start meeting
  • edit security settings: participants should only be allowed to chat. In chat, set to only chat to hosts/cohost
  • connect with phone
    • test mute and speaker on/off on phone (no Bluetooth)
  • share screen, make sure zoom window is visible (may need to restart call if not)
  • get icon bar
  • Test run of Cell Phone (switching between camera views)
  • Test out “Spotlight video” on cell phone
  • Test out screen share for whomever is sharing for the night (as well as videos / links)


  • confirm telescope connected
  • turn detector cooler on
  • test slews
  • test camera
  • test dome

As start time approaches

  • advise people in waiting room when event will start
  • let people in from waiting room
  • start Facebook stream
    • from ZOom, MOre/Facebook stream
    • should open Facebook page
    • choose direct to Page NMSU Astronomy

As event starts:

  • Check to make sure participants are muted on entry
  • Remind participants to send questions to Zach.
  • Ensure screen share is on and the “Welcome” slide is displayed

After event:

  • Minor editing of video
  • Post edited video to YouTube / FaceBook (don't delete the Live Video of FaceBook - just upload it as a new post)
  • Post images of object during event to socials in the following week.
  • get Zoom meeting registration list, sort, compare with openhouse.lis and add new users
    • cat openhouse.lis.sav | uniq -i …
Attendance at Monthly Public Open Houses

see attachments

Sept 10th, 2021 (Topic: Star Clusters - M7 and M13):

  • 90 on Zoom
  • 10 max views on FB
Attendance at Weekly Undergrad Campus Obs


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