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TMO Error Log Tracking

Spring 2024

Date Time Error Reason? Solution
Jan 30th, 2024 n/a Cloud sensor reporting cloudy even though it is clear There appears to be a green film of dirt / grim on the sensor as per manual → “If you get cloudy or very cloudy readings when you know it is clear, inspect the sensor head top end for an obstruction such as a hollowed out snow cap, leaf, or bird droppings. Over a long period of time the window to the thermopile in the sensor head can accumulate dirt although the rain usually washes it clean. The window is a silicon wafer with coatings on it. Gently clean it as you would clean an optical surface. Blow off any grit with compressed air or a blower bulb first. Unlike an optical lens, the thermopile is hermetically sealed so you do not have to worry about an excess of fluid. Just don’t immerse the sensor head. Allowable cleaning agents are Kodak lens cleaning fluid (distilled water with a little alcohol and mild detergent) and 70% to 100% isopropyl alcohol. “

Summer of 2023 / SSP

Date Time Error Reason? Solution
June 23rd, 2023 7:40pm Zach found the telescope trapped in its limits! During checks before SSP, Zach found the telesope pointed west and trapped in the limits. Motors were “in blinky mode!” When ACP connects to the telescope, tracking is started. It is likely that when Zach was doing morning checks, they forgot to park it. Zach recovered it from the limit (This is something only Jon and Zach should do! As doing it incorrectly can cause damage).
June 26th, 2023 Reported at ~6:30pm by Jon Dome motor appeared to have stalled during a move last night, was showing as slewing (it wasn't) and when I clicked “stop motion”, ACP threw an error and crashed. Dome moter appeared to stall at one point in the night. From Jon, “When I restarted and parked it moved fine,”
June 26th, 2023 ~9:30pm Telescope pointed at dome Occasionally the telescope and dome can get off centered from each other, such that the telescope is pointing at the inside of the dome, and the slit is no longer tracking the telescope. This can happen if multiple interfaces (MaximDL, ACP, etc) are used to slew the scope and dome. Zach was able to recover by 'resetting' everything to the 'start' position. Park the scope, park the dome, etc.
July 1st, 2023 ~10:00pm Shutter Error Occasionally the dome will lose connection to the sensors, if this happens a shutter error will prompt an Error. This will effectively stop the dome for safety The on-duty SSP TA informed Adam of an error, who called Zach. Zach found the dome closed with “Shutter Error.” Despite the dome being closed, ACP thought it was opened. Zach queued the dome to close (ACP prompted a message asking if I really wanted to do this since there was an error being prompted.) Clicked “yes.” Once that was done and ACP realized the slit was closed. Zach parked the scope. I then opened it and then made sure it went back to it's home position.
July 8th, 2023 ~11:00pm “The remote server machine does not exists or is unaviabile” In ACP it was mentioning, “could not find remote server” when trying to run a .vbs script Unknown as of right now… CLosed all the programs and reopened them.
July 16th, 2023 ~7:00pm ACP prompted the error, “Run-time error '6': Overflow” Unknown, cache overflow…? Clicking “ok” closed out ACP. Relaunched ACP. Was able to connect telescope and camera.
July 18th, 2023 ~1:30am Joel reported that the dome was having issue (but they were able to get the dome to close). When Zach logged in and tried to move the dome, ACP prompted a dome error and “motor stalled”, which crashed ACP. Similar to June 26th. Unknown? Related to issues with how dome is power (loses connection in certain spots?) Close out all the applications and restart everything. Then 'home'd the dome then was able to get it back to it's parked position.
July 21st, 2023 ~9:00pm ACP Dome prompted a dome error (ACP crashed cause the dome couldn't be connected). The Weather Station also lost connection and cannot currently be connected. Friday we had storms that seemed to have caused power issues up at TMO. For the dome, we had to restart the computer. Upon doing so the dome could be connected again. However, of course, the camera could then no longer be connected and we had to physically go up to TMO to reconnect the camera. The weather station is still in operable - suggested solution from Jon to try power cycling the station. Might also be a potential issue with the USB serial converter
Sept 7th, 2023 ~9:00pm Auto focus script was failing. Was unable to manually auto-focus. Focuser wasn't connected Seem to have lost connection after power outage / reboot The name / info seemed to have been lost in the preferences / setup of FocusMax V5. Telescope: SiTechDii Telescope; System 1 → Camera control: Maxim DL; Number: 1; ASCOM; Filterwheel ASCOM; Focuser: Optec TCF-S

On Going Issues / Persistent Issues

Splotch of Light Present in Images - SSP TAs and Adam have noted occasionally a splotch of light is apparent on the CCD images. This appears to be intermittent. We've gotten word from KWRG that the external lights on the tower are off. One of the SSP TAs indicated that when the IR lamp was off, the splotch was not present. Adam and TAs are going to do more testing to check to see if the IR Lamp does bleed into the SR band.

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