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For the 2017-2018 academic year, there are thirteen faculty (10 tenure track), three emeritus professors, several research associates and postdoctoral assistants, two professional office staff, nearly thirty Apache Point Observatory staff, and several dozen graduate students in the Astronomy Department. In addition, there are many adjunct faculty affiliated with the department from various other institutions, and we typically have numerous visitors throughout the year. Please feel free to talk with any and all of them on a regular basis. We are here to help you through your course work and to advise you on your research. Below, the names and research areas of our faculty are listed. If you have an interest in one of the research areas of these individuals, seek him/her out and begin discussions about her/his field and possible research problems. We encourage you to start working with the faculty as soon as possible on problems of interest in research.


Tenured or tenure-track    
Nancy Chanover Prof. Planetary Atmospheres, Instruments, PI of PDS Atmospheres Node, APO 3.5m Director
Chris Churchill Prof. Quasar Absorption Lines, Intergalactic Medium
Kristian Finlator Assistant Prof. high redshift galaxy evolution, hydrodynamic simulations
Jon Holtzman Prof./Dept. Head Stellar Population in Galaxies; Star Formation Histories in Galaxies; Globular Clusters; Instrumentation.
Jason Jackiewicz Associate Prof. Helioseismology, Solar Physics, Space Weather, Condensed matter physics
Anatoly Klypin Prof. Cosmology and Numerical Simulations of Structures in the Universe; Galaxy Formation.
James McAteer Associate Prof. Solar physics, space weather
Jim Murphy Prof. Atmospheric Science, Martian Atmosphere, Mars Exploration Missions
Moire Prescott Assistant Prof. high redshift galaxy formation, Lyman alpha structures
Rene Walterbos Prof. The Interstellar Medium of External Galaxies, Galaxy Evolution, Massive Stellar Populations, Galactic Structure
Reta Beebe   Planetary atmospheres; HST, Voyager, and Galileo spacebased observations
Tom Harrison   High Energy Astrophysics; Optical Counterparts of Gamma-Ray Sources; Novae; Cataclysmic Variables
William Webber   Cosmic Ray Astrophysics

Emeritus/Affiliated Professors

Kurt Anderson Prof, retired ex-Apache Point Observatory Site Director; Galaxy Morphology, Active Galactic Nuclei, Stellar Evolution.
Herbert Beebe Prof, retired Solar and Stellar Atmospheres; Solar Astrophysics, History of the NMSU Astronomy Department, Clyde Tombaugh Archive.
Bernard McNamara Prof., retured Stellar Astrometry; Stellar Variability; Ground-Based Observations of High Energy Objects; Binary Stars.
Nicole Vogt Associate Prof., retired Astronomy Education, High Redshift Galaxies, Galaxy Evolution

Research Associates

Lyle Huber Planetary Data System Atmospheres Node
Joni Johnson PDS Atmospheres Node
Lynn Neakrase PDS Atmospheres Node
Irma Trejo PDS Atmospheres Node

Postdoctoral Assistants

Shuo Wang solar group

Department Staff

Lorenza Sanchez Accountant
Ofelia Acosta Administrative Secretary

Apache Point Observatory

Dmitry Bizyaev 2.5m observer
Jon Brinkmann computing
Frances Cope plugger
Jack Dembicky 3.5m observing specialist
John Downey chief telescope technician, 2.5m
Gordon Freischlad 2.5m observer
Patrick Gaulme 2.5m observer
Katie Grabowski 2.5m observer
Candace Gray 3.5m observing specialist
Ben Harris site supervisor
Diana Holder plugger
Bill Ketzeback chief telescope engineer, 3.5m
Karen Kinemuchi 2.5m observer
Mark Klaene Site Director
Ed Leon electronics engineer
Elena Malanushenko 2.5m observer
Viktor Malanushenko 2.5m observer
Russet McMillan lead support astronomer, 3.5m
Beth Mitchell program manager
Deanna Naugle buyer
Tracy Naugle lab tech
Dan Oravetz 2.5m observer
Audrey Oravetz 2.5m observer
Kaike Pan 2.5m head observer
James Parker electronics
Ted Rudyk 3.5m observer
Fritz Stauffer - computing  

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