Professor     Anatoly Klypin
Office: Astronomy Building, room 202
Phone: (575)-646-1400
Fax: (575)-646-1602
Ph.D. 1980, Institute for Applied mathematics,
Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
B.S. (diploma) 1976, Moscow State University, Moscow



Testing cosmological models using different techniques is the main focus of Dr. Klypin's research. He is actively involved in developing new numerical methods for cosmological simulations and using supercomputers to make accurate theoretical predictions. He has published 200 papers in refereed journals. Dr. Klypin's main interests also include the large-scale structure of the galactic distribution, the formation and structure of galaxies and galaxy clusters, galactic models, and dark matter in galaxies.




Physics of Galaxy Formation UC Irvine, April 2008 ppt keynote
Structure Formation: Dark and Bright Sides of the Universe Wurtzburg, September 2007 ppt written review
All about chickens NMSU, April 2008 ppt
Resonances in barred galaxies Oxford, July 2007 ppt

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