Diane Feuillet
About Me:
I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Max Planck Institut für Astronomie in Heidelberg, Germany. I work with Dr Karin Lind on examining the chemical evolution of the Milky Way through detailed stellar abundances and high resolution spectroscopic surveys. In this effort I am involved with the APOGEE-2, Gaia-ESO, and 4 MOST surveys. I am also one of the APOGEE Science Working Group Co-Chairs.

My current projects include:
- examining variations in the age-metallicity relation across the Milky Way disk using APOGEE observations of red giant stars and Gaia DR2 parallax measurements
- providing stellar amtospheric parameters and individual elemental abundances for the Gaia-ESO Survey using Spectroscopy Made Easy (SME)
- improving spectroscopic analysis of the Ca II triplet region using full NLTE model atmospheres.

For my PhD, I worked with Dr Jon Holtzman at New Mexico State University with the SDSS III/SDSS IV APOGEE survey studying Galactic evolution through high resolution spectroscopy of stellar populations and developing methods to estimate ages of red giant stars.

Curriculum Vitae

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Astronomy May 2016
   New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
   Dissertation: Ages and Abundances of Local Galactic Stellar Populations
   Advisor: Dr. Jon Holtzman
Master of Science (M.S.) in Astronomy May 2014
   New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
   Advisor: Dr. Jon Holtzman
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Physics-Astronomy with Honors May 2011
   Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA
   Thesis: Photometry of the Galactic Globular Cluster M15
   Advisor: Dr. Nathaniel Paust

Research Expertise:
I am interested in Galactic archaeology, detailed chemical abundances, stellar spectroscopy, stellar ages, radial migration, and galactic structure.

Stellar Atmospheric Parameters and Chemical Abundances using SME
I have been the main contact for the GIRAFFE analysis by the LUMBA node of the Gaia-ESO Survey for iDR5 and iDR6. I use Spectroscopy Made Easy (SME) to analyze GIRAFFE spectra (R 15000 - 35000) for atmospheric parameters and chemical abundances. For this we have integrated NLTE model atmospheres when available.

Age-resolved chemistry of the solar neighborhood
Using the age method developed in Feuillet et al., 2016, I studied the age-abundance trends of individual elements in the solar neighborhood and compared these observations with models of Galactic chemical evolution. From this comparison, we find evidence that radial migration of stars through the Milky Way disk has a significant effect on the age-metallicity relation in the solar neighborhood. This work is detailed in Feuillet et al., 2018.

Ages of Red Giant Stars
Using APOGEE observations of nearby red giant stars, I have developed a method of estimating ages of giants that have high resolution spectra and accurate distance measurements. This method uses probabilistic isochrone matching to determine ages to within 2 Gyr. The results of a Bayesian isochrone matching technique is then used in a hierarchical modeling technique to model the star formation history of the sample. With this method I find a strong correlation between the alpha abundance and mean age of star formation. The sample used was observed using the connection of the NMSU 1m telescope to the APOGEE instrument. This work is available as Feuillet et al., 2016.

Optical Spectroscopy of APOGEE Stars
I led a project to obtain high resolution of optical spectra of about 100 APOGEE science targets using the ARC Echelle Spectrograph on the APO 3.5m telescope. I did an optical abundance analysis of these spectra to determine atmospheric parameters and abundances of individual elements and provide verification of ASPCAP results. This work is included in Jönsson et al, 2018.

Verification of ASPCAP
Using 1m+APOGEE observations of well studied nearby stars I compared ASPCAP parameters to literature parameters from high resolution optical spectra. This is being used for verification of APOGEE survey data.

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Feuillet, D. K., Bovy, J., Holtzman, J., Weinberg, D. H., et al., 2018, MNRAS, 477, 2326, arXiv: 1803.06352
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Recent and Upcoming Conferences:
Chemical Evolution and Nucleosynthesis Across the Galaxy - Heidelberg, Germany, November 2018
Lorentz Institute Workshop: Weighing Stars - Leiden, Netherlands, November 2018
The Life and Times of the Milky Way: The symbiosis between Gaia and ground based spectroscopic surveys (intived review) - Shanghai, China, November 2018

4MOST All Hands Meeting - Heidelberg, Germany, September 2018
ESO Workshop: A Revolution in Stellar Physics with Gaia and Large Surveys - Warsaw, Poland, September 2018
The Metal Poor Galaxy (invited talk) - Ringberg Castle, Germany, July 2018
APOGEE Team Meeting - Besancon, France, March 2018
Ages^2: taking stellar ages to the next level - Elba, Italy, September 2017
Gaia-ESO Survey Science Meeting - Catania, Italy, September 2017
Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV General Meeting - Santiago, Chile, July 2018
Rediscovering our Galaxy, IAU Symposium 334 - Potsdam, Germany, July 2017
Astrometry and Astrophysics in the Gaia sky, IAU Symposium 330 - Nice, France, April 2017
Galactic Archaeology and Stellar Physics Conference - Canberra, Australia, November 2016

Fellowships and Awards:
2015 NMSU Astronomy Scott Murrell Award for outstanding research and professional development.

SDSS-III & SDSS-IV active member
Gaia-ESO Survey active member
4MOST active member
SDSS IV Committee on Inclusion in Astronomy member (2016-2017)
AAS Junior member & Chambliss Poster Award Judge

APOGEE Science Working Group Co-Chair 2017-2019
NMSU Astronomy Department Colloquium Committee 2015-2016
NMSU Inclusive Astronomy Group Leader 2014-2016
NMSU Astronomy Co-Head Teaching Assistant Fall 2015
NMSU Astronomy Graduate Student Organization (AGSO) President 2014-2015
NMSU (AGSO) Secretary 2012-2014

Fall 2015 - Teaching Assistant Astronomy 110
Fall 2015 - Co-Head TA
Spring 2015 - TA Astronomy 110
Spring 2013 - TA Astronomy 305 Life In The Universe
Spring 2013 - Campus Observatory TA
Fall 2012 - TA Astronomy 305 Life In The Universe
Spring 2012 - TA Astronomy 110
Fall 2011 - TA Astronomy 305 Life In The Universe

Recent Outreach:
Hillrise Elementary Classroom Visit November 2015
Relay For Life April 2015
Las Cruces Elementary Campus Visit April 2015
North Valley Elementary Math Night November 2014
Chaparral Elementary Campus Visit November 2014
Partial Solar Eclipse October 2014
International Observe the Moon Night September 2014
Lunar Eclipse Event April 2014
Sierra Middle School Science Fair February 2014

Past Research Projects:
B, V, R, I Photometry of M15 - Dr Nathaniel Paust, Whitman College 2009-2011
Microlensing events with OGLE - Dr Kailash Sahu, STScI 2010

Contact Information:

feuillet :AT: mpia :DOT: de
feuilldk :AT: gmail :DOT: com