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     1= Using Search
     3Trac has built-in search functionality to search for occurrences of keywords and substrings in wiki pages, tickets and changeset properties, such as author, revision and log messages.
     5In addition to the [search: Search module], you will also find a small search field above the navigation bar. It provides convenient access to the search module from all pages.
     7The search results show the most recent modifications ranked first.
     9== Quick searches
     11For quick access to project resources, the quick-search field at the top of every page can be used to enter a [TracLinks TracLink], which will take you directly to the resource identified by that link:
     13 * ![42] -- Opens change set 42
     14 * !#42 -- Opens ticket number 42
     15 * !{1} -- Opens report 1
     16 * /trunk -- Opens the browser for the `trunk` directory in the default repository
     17 * /repos1/trunk -- Opens the browser for the `trunk` directory in the `repos1` repository
     19To disable the Quickjump feature for a keyword start the query with an exclamation mark (`!`): use `!TracGuide` to search for occurrences of the literal word !TracGuide.
     21== Search TracLinks
     23From the Wiki, it is possible to link to a specific search using `search:` links:
     24 * `search:?q=crash` will search for the string "crash"
     25 * `search:?q=trac+link&wiki=on` will search for "trac" and "link" in wiki pages only
     27== Search Filters
     29On the search page, pressing the modifier key while selecting a search filter will unselect all other search filters.
     32See also: TracLinks, TracQuery