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     1= Importing ticket data
     5To migrate issue tickets from other issue-tracking systems into Trac or perform housekeeping actions on tickets or simply synchronize different databases, there are some tools, plugins and scripts available.
     7== !TicketImportPlugin
     9[ TicketImportPlugin]: a plugin that lets you import or update into Trac a series of tickets from a '''CSV file''' or (if the [ xlrd library] is installed) from an '''Excel spreadsheet'''.
     11== !ExportImportXlsPlugin
     13[ ExportImportXlsPlugin]: a plugin that adds an admin panel for exporting and importing tickets via '''XLS file'''. Requires the python packages xlwt/rxld.
     15== Jira
     17[ JiraToTracIntegration]: a plugin that provides tools to import Atlassian Jira backup files into Trac. The plugin consists of a Python 3.1 commandline tool that:
     18 - Parses the Jira backup XML file.
     19 - Sends the imported Jira data and attachments to Trac using the [ XmlRpcPlugin].
     20 - Generates a htpasswd file containing the imported Jira users and their SHA-512 base64 encoded passwords.
     22== Mantis
     24[ MantisImportScript]: a script to import the following type of data from Mantis into Trac:
     25 * bugs
     26 * bug comments
     27 * bug activity (field changes)
     28 * attachments (as long as the files live in the mantis database, not on the filesystem).
     30== !PlanetForge
     32[ PlanetForgeImportExportPlugin]: this plugin exports Trac data (wiki, tickets, compoments, permissions, repositories, etc.) using the open format designed by the [ COCLICO] project. It extends the webadmin panel and the 'trac admin ...' command. Has no 'import' feature.
     34== Scarab
     36[ ScarabToTracScript]: a script that migrates Scarab issues to Trac tickets. Requires [ XmlRpcPlugin].
     38== Other
     40Since Trac uses a SQL database to store the data, you can also custom-import from other systems by examining the database tables. Just go into [ sqlite] command line to look at the tables and import them from your application.
     43See also:
     44 * to import/export wiki pages: TracAdmin,
     45 * to export tickets: TracTickets, TracQuery