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     102/2020: Simultaneous failure of telescope RA drive and dome rotation. Facilities replaced dome motor. Telescope rebalanced and RA gear greased. See wiki:MaintenanceFeb2020 for full details.
     307/2019: Hard drive failure on TMO control computer. Replaced drive, installed Windows 10 (see wiki:Installation).
     57/25/18: Software update complete. Updated Windows 7 to latest available updates. Updated ASCOM Platform from 6.0 to 6.4. Updated MaximDL from 5.18 to 5.24. Updated ACP from 6.0 hotfix 4 to 8.1.1. Updated Scheduler from 3.0 to 8.1.1. Scheduler observing plans didn't make the transition - recovery in progress but may not be possible to restore all of them.
     77/13/18: Installed 6nm bandpass H-alpha filter (courtesy of Arne at AAVSO) in the slot previously used for a clear filter. Undergoing software/driver/Windows update process.
     97/3/18: Cleaned up a lot of dead ants. Installed refurbished Boltwood II sensor.
     115/4/18: Dome shutter ran out of power and was left open overnight. Solar panel wires to the battery had been pulled out, probably because they caught on something during dome rotation. Wires have been secured. Spectrograph has been sent back to the owner.
     134/30/18: Replaced bad caster wheel. Dome rotation seems significantly improved. Oiled the dome slit chain.
     154/25/18: Adjusted tension on spring for dome motor drive wheel. Dome slipping problem may be due to a bad load-bearing caster wheel which is located where the dome slips most often. Current hypothesis is that the weight of the slit and associated parts put extra wear on it; it only rolls intermittently. Bad caster wheel was removed and a replacement is on the way. Dome power is turned off and observatory is ''non-operational'' until new wheel is installed, which is planned for tomorrow or this weekend. If replacement goes well, we will probably replace all of the load-bearing caster wheels.
     174/11/18: Replaced dome motor drive wheel. Replaced solar panel and added thicker plexiglas to protect it. Investigated telescope RA slew issue; marginal improvement from balance adjustment and reducing slew speed. May look into replacing RA motor, as the current one might be undersized.
     193/21/18: oiled dome wheels, dome still intermittently slipping in SE. One of the dome roller wheels seems shot. Spent a bunch of time trying to adjust balance and worm mesh to improve slews from west horizon up, with marginal success only with worm mesh backed all the way out; had to move alarm switch to accommodate that position. Removed solar panel that was broken from a thrown rock...
     21feb-march 2018: lots of failures with telescope stuck in west, at or near limit
     23early 2018: failure of Boltwood wind sensor, replaced with spare from Gary, sent failed unit back to Cyanogen
     25winter 2017: failure of maxdome communication, replaced rotation card with spare from Gary, sent failed card back to Cyanogen
     2710/15/16:  came up to diagnose wireless camera, somehow the wireless hub had SSID switched to astro-wireless-n (not tmo-wireless), so camera wasn't connected. Changed camera configuration to use astro-wireless-n. Mounted Boltwood using epoxy and stainless steel cable ties.
     29late August: swapped USB-serial adaptor for dome: dome communication now seems to function
     3108/13/16 : went up after summer. Basic clean-up. UPS appears to have failed. Plugged network switch, antenna into one outlet, computer plug strip and wireless switch into another. Telescope seems to come up fine. Neither webcam seems to work: tmocam can be pinged, but web server doesn't respond (note, recognized/remembered later that must use port 88!); tmocam-wireless does not appear on network. Dome communication fails, even though serial port (COM5) is found. After a few attempts, weather station seems to respond (COM7), but left it inside until everything else is operational. Switched from spectrograph to camera; cameras (QSI and SX) seem to connect fine. Focusser seems to work.
     33Jan-April 2016: Significant work on dome shutter. Contacted OFS and they installed scaffolding to enable getting to upper part of slit. Charlie Park and his team did inspection, designed and installed significant reinforcement for upper brackets. Top system is similar to bottom, with 6 bearings for the two rails (two below, one above). All 6 lower bearings were replaced. On upper end, 3 were replaced, but middle two (lower) and right lower could not be replaced. These bearings can be lubricated after removing plugs on either end. Charlie lubricated all bearings, and supplied a grease gun to enable this for future maintenance; he recommends annually, but the old bearings hadn't been maintained for 50 years, probably! Charlie also adjusted the cable.
     3512/23/15: Replaced rubber dome drive wheel; old one had lost a LOT of rubber. Used pry bar to get old one off. Old one had two set screws, but new wheel does not have threaded holes. Used washer to hold pin down. Shutter opens and closes, but it is slow, something is not moving smoothly. Upper bracket on dome is noticeably loose.
     3712/20/15: dome rotation failure and shutter failure
     3912/20/15: eastward motion from west of meridian was making noise and had put motors into blinky. Backed off the worm meshing with the balance adjustor all of the way, which seemed to significantly improve the performance.
     4111/15: installed new webcam, wireless router.