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    143 == Image Download ==
    144 Every two hours the data from TMO is transferred to the astronomy server and can be accessed via the web at
     143== Data and logs ==
    146145'''TIP''' - You might want to note what time you do the observations to make finding your .fits file easier. When taken with MaxIm DL,  the images are automatically named "" which is usually not helpful.
    148147When taken through robotic mode, the images are organized by program and have more meaningful names.
     149Data is stored on the local computer, and is automatically synced to the NMSU Astronomy servers every two hours. As far as I know, AAVSO also does this roughly once a day. On the Astronomy computers, it is located at /home/tmo/, which is the same as ​
     151ACP stores logs per object; this can be pretty inconvenient if you just want an idea of what it did all night. Therefore we have a script which concatenates these logs into summary logs for each night, helpfully stored in /summary_logs/.
     153Logs contain a lot of information; here's a quick guide. The software attempts to "plate solve", which looks at the image and tries to correlate it to a star catalog to make sure the pointing is okay. Pointing information is also included in the log; after slewing pointing error may be as high as half an arcminute, but will (hopefully) quickly be corrected with subsequent exposures. The software will also do occasional focus runs, and calculate other values of interest including plate scale, focal length, FWHM (seeing), and field of view.
     155Other useful locations:
     157/Images/[date]/AutoFlat/ contains any flats taken on that date.
     159/ACP_Astronomy/Scheduler_Engine_Logs/ contains scheduler logs, detailing every object's availability and whether it tried to observe them or not.
     161/Logs/ contains autofocus routine logs.
     163/Logs/AutoFlat/ contains auto-flat routine logs.
     165/ACP_Web_Data/Doc_Root/images/TM61/[date]/ contains any manual observations taken on that date (as long as they were taken through the ACP webpage).