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     1= !CamelCase
     3New wiki links are automatically created when concatenating capitalized words, such that for example the words 'Camel' and 'Case' concatenated form a link to this CamelCase page.
     5!CamelCase is the original wiki convention for creating hyperlinks, with the additional requirement that the capital letters are followed by a lower-case letter; hence "AlabamA" and "ABc" will not be links.
     7== Customizing the Wiki behavior
     9While Trac remains faithful to the original Wiki style, it also provides a number of ways to accommodate users with different preferences:
     10 * To prevent the creation of a link for the CamelCase word, prefix the word with an exclamation mark (`!`): `!CamelCase`.
     11 * By default a CamelCase word with no corresponding Wiki page will be rendered as a gray link followed by a question mark. This is useful for example when the CamelCase style is used to name code artefacts like class names, and a Wiki page is expected to exist to document each class. The behavior can be configured through the [TracIni#wiki-ignore_missing_pages-option "[wiki] ignore_missing_pages"] option in TracIni.
     12 * To automatically insert space characters between the words of a CamelCase link when rendering the link, enable [TracIni#wiki-split_page_names-option "[wiki] split_page_names"] of TracIni.
     13 * Creation of explicit Wiki links is also easy, see WikiPageNames for details.
     14 * Wiki formatting can be disabled completely in some places, for example when rendering commit log messages. See the [TracIni#changeset-wiki_format_messages-option "[wiki] wiki_format_messages"] option in TracIni.
     16See TracIni for more information on the available options.
     18== More information on !CamelCase
     20 *
     21 *
     24See also: WikiPageNames, WikiNewPage, WikiFormatting, TracWiki