ARCTIC Reductions Cookbook (DRAFT), by Wesley Peters, Karen Garcia, and Joe Huehnerhoff

ARCTIC quad-mode data reduction cookbook by Karen Kinemuchi

For reducing quad-mode data, special IRAF CL scripts can be obtained here: quad.tar. See the quad-mode data reduction manual for instructions.

Engineering Documentation

Mechanical Design

PDR Mechanical Design: (77mb)

Final Mechanical Design: (102mb)

Mounting plate description: Mounting plate PDF

SW Pack and Go:

Instrument Cart Movie (40mb)

Instrument Housing Images


Information about ARCTIC diffuser


Joanne Hughes Clark has provided a series of dome and sky flats that can be used to assess the vignetting across the ARCTIC FOV due to the NA2 baffle. The files (a readme file and a tar file containing all the flats) can be obtained here:

Photometric zeropoints

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