Solar, Stellar, and Exoplanet Astronomy at NMSU

Welcome to the home page of the Solar, Stellar, and Exoplanet Research Group at New Mexico State University in the Department of Astronomy.

Research Highlight

We have recently discovered 12 new binary systems where at least 1 of the objects is a red-giant star! In addition, these red giants are pulsating, allowing us to be able to measure their masses in 2 independent ways. Postoc Patrick Gaulme, along with graduate students Jean McKeever, Meredith Rawls, faculty member Jason Jackiewicz, and collaborators report their work in an Astrophysical Journal publication. Check it out!

About Us

Faculty and students jointly conduct research in solar physics and helioseismology, stellar modeling, asteroseismology, star formation history of galaxies, gamma-ray bursts, numerical simulations, transiting planet observations, stellar photometry and spectroscopy, cataclysmic variables, and several other areas.

The 2011 Solar Physics Division Meeting at NMSU

Thanks for joining us in Las Cruces, New Mexico, June 12 - June 16, 2011 for the Annual SPD/AAS meeting. Over 300 colleagues from around the world were on hand for this very exciting meeting, and we hope everyone had an excellent and fruitful week. The website will continue to be available.