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Mandage, R ~S; McAteer, R ~T ~J

On the Non-Kolmogorov Nature of Flare-productive Solar Active Regions Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 833 , pp. 237, 2016.

Links | Tags: Sun: flares, Sun: magnetic fields, Sun: photosphere, techniques: image processing

Williams, R ~P; Baldry, I ~K; Kelvin, L ~S; James, P ~A; Driver, S ~P; Prescott, M; Brough, S; Brown, M ~J ~I; Davies, L ~J ~M; Holwerda, B ~W; Liske, J; Norberg, P; Moffett, A ~J; Wright, A ~H

Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): detection of low-surface-brightness galaxies from SDSS data Journal Article

Monthly Notices of the RAS, 463 , pp. 2746-2755, 2016.

Links | Tags: techniques: image processing


Nidever, D ~L; Holtzman, J ~A; Allende Prieto, C; Beland, S; Bender, C; Bizyaev, D; Burton, A; Desphande, R; Fleming, S ~W; García Pérez, A ~E; Hearty, F ~R; Majewski, S ~R; Mészáros, S; Muna, D; Nguyen, D; Schiavon, R ~P; Shetrone, M; Skrutskie, M ~F; Sobeck, J ~S; Wilson, J ~C

The Data Reduction Pipeline for the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment Journal Article

Astronomical Journal, 150 , pp. 173, 2015.

Links | Tags: galaxies: abundances, Local Group, techniques: image processing


Jackiewicz, J; Balasubramaniam, K ~S

Solar H$alpha$ Oscillations from Intensity and Doppler Observations Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 765 , pp. 15, 2013.

Links | Tags: prominences, Sun: atmosphere, Sun: filaments, Sun: flares, Sun: oscillations, techniques: image processing