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Chojnowski, Drew ; Hubrig, Swetlana ; Hasselquist, Sten ; Beaton, Rachael L; Majewski, Steven R; 'i}a-Hernández, {Garc D ~A; DeColibus, David

The SDSS/APOGEE catalogue of HgMn stars Journal Article

Monthly Notices of the RAS, 496 (1), pp. 832-850, 2020.

Links | Tags: Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics, stars: binaries: spectroscopic, stars: chemically peculiar, stars: rotation


Bradley, P ~A; Guzik, J ~A; Miles, L ~F; Uytterhoeven, K; Jackiewicz, J; Kinemuchi, K

Results of a Search for $gamma$ Dor and $delta$ Sct Stars With the Kepler Spacecraft Journal Article

Astronomical Journal, 149 , pp. 68, 2015.

Links | Tags: space vehicles: instruments, stars: rotation, stars: variables: delta Scuti, variable stars