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Donahue, Robert Andrew

Surface Differential Rotation in a Sample of Cool Dwarf Stars PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, University Park., 1993.

Tags: A Stars, Activity Cycles (Biology), Chromosphere, CHROMOSPHERES, Cool Stars, Dwarf Stars, High Resolution, K Lines, Main Sequence Stars, Spectroscopic Analysis, Stellar Activity, Stellar Rotation, Stellar Spectra, Sunspot Cycle, Time Dependence, Time Series Analysis


Little, Tom Harvey

Search for Regularities in the Atmosphere of Jupiter PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces., 1990.

Tags: Albedo, Calibrating, Fourier Transformation, Infrared Astronomy, Jupiter atmosphere, Latitude, Lunar and Planetary Exploration, Oscillations, Periodic Variations, Photographic Recording, Physics: Atmospheric Science, Planetary Waves, Planets, Reflectance, Stratosphere, Temperature Distribution, Time Series Analysis, Voyager 1 Spacecraft