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Donahue, Robert Andrew

Surface Differential Rotation in a Sample of Cool Dwarf Stars PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, University Park., 1993.

Tags: A Stars, Activity Cycles (Biology), Chromosphere, CHROMOSPHERES, Cool Stars, Dwarf Stars, High Resolution, K Lines, Main Sequence Stars, Spectroscopic Analysis, Stellar Activity, Stellar Rotation, Stellar Spectra, Sunspot Cycle, Time Dependence, Time Series Analysis


Boice, D ~C

The Neutral Sodium D(2)LINE in Late-Type Stars PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces., 1985.

Tags: Astronomical Maps, Atmospheres, Celestial Bodies, Celestial Reference Systems, Chromosphere, Dwarf Novae, Dwarf Stars, Giant Stars, K Stars, Late Stars, Line Spectra, Radiative transfer, Sodium, SPECTRAL LINE FORMATION, Spectral Resolution, Spectroscopy, Stellar Atmospheres, STELLAR CHROMOSPHERES, Stellar evolution, Stellar Luminosity, Supergiant Stars