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Hubrig, S; Järvinen, S ~P; Korhonen, H; Ilyin, I; Schöller, M; Niemczura, E; Chojnowski, S ~D

Detection of weak magnetic fields in two HgMn stars Journal Article

Monthly Notices of the RAS, 495 (1), pp. L97-L101, 2020.

Links | Tags: Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics, binaries: spectroscopic, HD 101189, HD 65949, stars: chemically peculiar, stars: individual: HD 221507, stars: magnetic field, stars: variables: general


Davenport, J ~R ~A; Becker, A ~C; West, A ~A; Bochanski, J ~J; Hawley, S ~L; Holtzman, J; Gunning, H ~C; Hilton, E ~J; Munshi, F ~A; Albright, M

The Very Short Period M Dwarf Binary SDSS J001641-000925 Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 764 , pp. 62, 2013.

Links | Tags: binaries: eclipsing, binaries: spectroscopic, stars: low-mass