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Baylis-Aguirre, Dana K; Creech-Eakman, M ~J; Güth, Tina

Mid-IR spectra of the M-type Mira variable R Tri observed with the Spitzer IRS Journal Article

Monthly Notices of the RAS, 493 (1), pp. 807-814, 2020.

Links | Tags: astrochemistry, circumstellar matter, line: formation, stars: AGB and post-AGB, stars: atmospheres, stars: late-type


Zhou, Ze-Ming ; Pan, Kaike ; Shi, Jian-Rong ; Zhang, Jun-Bo ; Liu, Chao

Non-LTE Analyses of High-resolution H-band Spectra. III. Neutral and Singly Ionized Calcium Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 881 (1), pp. 77, 2019.

Links | Tags: line: formation, stars: atmospheres


García Pérez, A ~E; Allende Prieto, C; Holtzman, J ~A; Shetrone, M; Mészáros, S; Bizyaev, D; Carrera, R; Cunha, K; García-Hernández, D ~A; Johnson, J ~A; Majewski, S ~R; Nidever, D ~L; Schiavon, R ~P; Shane, N; Smith, V ~V; Sobeck, J; Troup, N; Zamora, O; Weinberg, D ~H; Bovy, J; Eisenstein, D ~J; Feuillet, D; Frinchaboy, P ~M; Hayden, M ~R; Hearty, F ~R; Nguyen, D ~C; O'Connell, R ~W; Pinsonneault, M ~H; Wilson, J ~C; Zasowski, G

ASPCAP: The APOGEE Stellar Parameter and Chemical Abundances Pipeline Journal Article

Astronomical Journal, 151 , pp. 144, 2016.

Links | Tags: Galaxy: center, stars: atmospheres


Zamora, O; García-Hernández, D ~A; Allende Prieto, C; Carrera, R; Koesterke, L; Edvardsson, B; Castelli, F; Plez, B; Bizyaev, D; Cunha, K; García Pérez, A ~E; Gustafsson, B; Holtzman, J ~A; Lawler, J ~E; Majewski, S ~R; Manchado, A; Mészáros, S; Shane, N; Shetrone, M; Smith, V ~V; Zasowski, G

New H-band Stellar Spectral Libraries for the SDSS-III/APOGEE Survey Journal Article

Astronomical Journal, 149 , pp. 181, 2015.

Links | Tags: astrochemistry, Radiative transfer, stars: atmospheres


Kowalski, A ~F; Hawley, S ~L; Wisniewski, J ~P; Osten, R ~A; Hilton, E ~J; Holtzman, J ~A; Schmidt, S ~J; Davenport, J ~R ~A

Time-resolved Properties and Global Trends in dMe Flares from Simultaneous Photometry and Spectra Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, Supplement, 207 , pp. 15, 2013.

Links | Tags: stars: atmospheres

Kowalski, A ~F; Hawley, S ~L; Wisniewski, J ~P; Osten, R ~A; Hilton, E ~J; Holtzman, J ~A; Schmidt, S ~J; Davenport, J ~R ~A

VizieR Online Data Catalog: M dwarf flare spectra (Kowalski+, 2013) Journal Article

VizieR Online Data Catalog, 220 , 2013.

Tags: Spectroscopy, stars: atmospheres

García Pérez, A ~E; Cunha, K; Shetrone, M; Majewski, S ~R; Johnson, J ~A; Smith, V ~V; Schiavon, R ~P; Holtzman, J; Nidever, D; Zasowski, G; Allende Prieto, C; Beers, T ~C; Bizyaev, D; Ebelke, G; Eisenstein, D ~J; Frinchaboy, P ~M; Girardi, L; Hearty, F ~R; Malanushenko, E; Malanushenko, V; Meszaros, S; O'Connell, R ~W; Oravetz, D; Pan, K; Robin, A ~C; Schneider, D ~P; Schultheis, M; Skrutskie, M ~F; Simmonsand, A; Wilson, J ~C

Very Metal-poor Stars in the Outer Galactic Bulge Found by the APOGEE Survey Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, Letters, 767 , pp. L9, 2013.

Links | Tags: Galaxy: center, stars: atmospheres