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Anders, F; Chiappini, C; Rodrigues, T ~S; Miglio, A; Montalban, J; Mosser, B; Girardi, L; Valentini, M; Noels, A; Morel, T; Johnson, J ~A; Schultheis, M; Baudin, F; de Assis Peralta, R; Hekker, S; Themessl, N; Kallinger, T; Garcia, R ~A; Mathur, S; Baglin, A; Santiago, B ~X; Martig, M; Minchev, I; Steinmetz, M; da Costa, L ~N; Maia, M ~A ~G; Allende Prieto, C; Cunha, K; Beers, T ~C; Epstein, C; Garcia Perez, A ~E; Garcia-Hernandez, D ~A; Harding, P; Holtzman, J; Majewski, S ~R; Meszaros, S; Nidever, D; Pan, K; Pinsonneault, M; Schiavon, R ~P; Schneider, D ~P; Shetrone, M ~D; Stassun, K; Zamora, O; Zasowski, G

VizieR Online Data Catalog: Seismology and spectroscopy of CoRoGEE red giants (Anders+, 2017) Journal Article

VizieR Online Data Catalog, 359 , 2016.

Tags: Abundances, Milky Way, Photometry, Space velocities, Stars: ages, Stars: giant, Stars: masses


Payne, Tamara Elaine Whitacre

A Multiwavelength Study of Solar Ellerman Bombs. PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, 1993.

Tags: Beta Particles, Chromosphere, Microwave Emission, Photometry, Solar Activity, Solar Electrons, Solar Flares, Solar Magnetic Field, SOLAR PHYSICS, Spectral Emission, X Ray Spectra


Baggett, Wayne Edward

A Study of Environmental Influences on the Structure of Spiral Galaxy Disks. PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, University Park., 1987.

Tags: accretion disks, Brightness Distribution, Environments, Galactic Clusters, Galactic Evolution, Galactic Nuclei, Photometry, spiral galaxies, structures, Surface Properties


Lambert, J ~V

Occultation and Lightcurve Analysis: the Figure of 2 Pallas PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces., 1985.

Tags: ASTEROIDS, Astrometry, Astronomical Models, Bodies Of Revolution, Computerized Simulation, Ellipsoids, Light Curve, Magnetic Poles, Phase Shift, Photometry, Polar Coordinates, Solar Eclipses, Stellar Occultation, Stellar Radiation


Suggs, R ~M

Temporal Albedo Variations in Saturn's Atmosphere. PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces., 1983.

Tags: Aerosols, Albedo, Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Physics, Clouds, Digital Data, Equatorial Regions, Lunar and Planetary Exploration, Periodic Variations, Photometers, Photometry, Planetary atmospheres, Planetary Magnetic Fields, Planetary Orbits, Planetary Radiation, Polar Regions, Reflectance, Saturn (Planet), Voyager Project


Tedesco, E ~F

A Photometric Investigation of the Colors, Shapes and Spin Rates of Hirayama Family Asteroids. PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, University Park., 1979.

Tags: ASTEROIDS, Color, Photometry, Rates (Per Time), Rotation, Shapes, Size (Dimensions), Spin Dynamics