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Fang, J ~J; Faber, S ~M; Koo, D ~C; Rodríguez-Puebla, A; Guo, Y; Barro, G; Behroozi, P; Brammer, G; Chen, Z; Dekel, A; Ferguson, H ~C; Gawiser, E; Giavalisco, M; Kartaltepe, J; Kocevski, D ~D; Koekemoer, A ~M; McGrath, E ~J; McIntosh, D; Newman, J ~A; Pacifici, C; Pandya, V; Pérez-González, P ~G; Primack, J ~R; Salmon, B; Trump, J ~R; Weiner, B; Willner, S ~P; Acquaviva, V; Dahlen, T; Finkelstein, S ~L; Finlator, K; Fontana, A; Galametz, A; Grogin, N ~A; Gruetzbauch, R; Johnson, S; Mobasher, B; Papovich, C ~J; Pforr, J; Salvato, M; Santini, P; van der Wel, A; Wiklind, T; Wuyts, S

Demographics of Star-forming Galaxies since z tilde 2.5. I. The UVJ Diagram in CANDELS Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 858 , pp. 100, 2018.

Links | Tags: galaxies: high redshift, galaxies: star formation, galaxies: structure

Grasha, K; Calzetti, D; Bittle, L; Johnson, K ~E; Donovan Meyer, J; Kennicutt, R ~C; Elmegreen, B ~G; Adamo, A; Krumholz, M ~R; Fumagalli, M; Grebel, E ~K; Gouliermis, D ~A; Cook, D ~O; Gallagher, J ~S; Aloisi, A; Dale, D ~A; Linden, S; Sacchi, E; Thilker, D ~A; Walterbos, R ~A ~M; Messa, M; Wofford, A; Smith, L ~J

Connecting young star clusters to CO molecular gas in NGC 7793 with ALMA-LEGUS Journal Article

Monthly Notices of the RAS, 481 , pp. 1016-1027, 2018.

Links | Tags: galaxies: individual: NGC 7793, galaxies: structure, ISM: clouds, ISM: structure


Zschaechner, L ~K; Rand, R ~J; Walterbos, R

Investigating Disk-halo Flows and Accretion: A Kinematic and Morphological Analysis of Extraplanar H I in NGC 3044 and NGC 4302 Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 799 , pp. 61, 2015.

Links | Tags: galaxies: individual: NGC 3044 NGC 4302, galaxies: structure


de Blok, W ~J ~G; Józsa, G ~I ~G; Patterson, M; Gentile, G; Heald, G ~H; Jütte, E; Kamphuis, P; Rand, R ~J; Serra, P; Walterbos, R ~A ~M

HALOGAS observations of NGC 4414: fountains, interaction, and ram pressure Journal Article

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 566 , pp. A80, 2014.

Links | Tags: galaxies: individual: NGC 4414, galaxies: structure


Majewski, S ~R; Hasselquist, S; Ł}okas, E ~L {; Nidever, D ~L; Frinchaboy, P ~M; García Pérez, A ~E; Johnston, K ~V; Mészáros, S; Shetrone, M; Allende Prieto, C; Beaton, R ~L; Beers, T ~C; Bizyaev, D; Cunha, K; Damke, G; Ebelke, G; Eisenstein, D ~J; Hearty, F; Holtzman, J; Johnson, J ~A; Law, D ~R; Malanushenko, V; Malanushenko, E; O'Connell, R ~W; Oravetz, D; Pan, K; Schiavon, R ~P; Schneider, D ~P; Simmons, A; Skrutskie, M ~F; Smith, V ~V; Wilson, J ~C; Zasowski, G

Discovery of a Dynamical Cold Point in the Heart of the Sagittarius dSph Galaxy with Observations from the APOGEE Project Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, Letters, 777 , pp. L13, 2013.

Links | Tags: galaxies: individual: Sagittarius dSph, galaxies: interactions, galaxies: structure

Kamphuis, P; Rand, R ~J; Józsa, G ~I ~G; Zschaechner, L ~K; Heald, G ~H; Patterson, M ~T; Gentile, G; Walterbos, R ~A ~M; Serra, P; de Blok, W ~J ~G

HALOGAS observations of NGC 5023 and UGC 2082: modelling of non-cylindrically symmetric gas distributions in edge-on galaxies Journal Article

Monthly Notices of the RAS, 434 , pp. 2069-2093, 2013.

Links | Tags: galaxies: individual: NGC 5023, galaxies: individual: UGC 2082, galaxies: structure

Gentile, G; Józsa, G ~I ~G; Serra, P; Heald, G ~H; de Blok, W ~J ~G; Fraternali, F; Patterson, M ~T; Walterbos, R ~A ~M; Oosterloo, T

HALOGAS: Extraplanar gas in NGC 3198 Journal Article

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 554 , pp. A125, 2013.

Links | Tags: galaxies: individual:, galaxies: structure


Ryan, R ~E; McCarthy, P ~J; Cohen, S ~H; Yan, H; Hathi, N ~P; Koekemoer, A ~M; Rutkowski, M ~J; Mechtley, M ~R; Windhorst, R ~A; O'Connell, R ~W; Balick, B; Bond, H ~E; Bushouse, H; Calzetti, D; Crockett, R ~M; Disney, M; Dopita, M ~A; Frogel, J ~A; Hall, D ~N ~B; Holtzman, J ~A; Kaviraj, S; Kimble, R ~A; MacKenty, J; Mutchler, M; Paresce, F; Saha, A; Silk, J ~I; Trauger, J; Walker, A ~R; Whitmore, B ~C; Young, E

The Size Evolution of Passive Galaxies: Observations from the Wide-Field Camera 3 Early Release Science Program Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 749 , pp. 53, 2012.

Links | Tags: galaxies: structure


Trujillo-Gomez, S; Klypin, A; Primack, J; Romanowsky, A ~J

Galaxies in $Łambda$CDM with Halo Abundance Matching: Luminosity-Velocity Relation, Baryonic Mass-Velocity Relation, Velocity Function, and Clustering Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 742 , pp. 16, 2011.

Links | Tags: galaxies: structure