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Gray, C; Chanover, N; Slanger, T ~G; Molaverdikhani, K; Häusler, B; Tellmann, S; Peter, K

Excitations From Impact: The Affect of CMEs on Venus' Mysterious Oxygen Green Line and Ionospheric Electrons. An Auroral Process? Journal Article

AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, pp. SA51A-4085, 2014.



Payne, Tamara Elaine Whitacre

A Multiwavelength Study of Solar Ellerman Bombs. PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, 1993.

Tags: Beta Particles, Chromosphere, Microwave Emission, Photometry, Solar Activity, Solar Electrons, Solar Flares, Solar Magnetic Field, SOLAR PHYSICS, Spectral Emission, X Ray Spectra


Bruning, D ~H

The Applicability of the Fourier Convoluton Theorem to the Analysis of Late-Type Stellar Spectra. PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces., 1981.

Tags: Astronomical Models, Convolution Integrals, Fourier Analysis, Late Stars, Limb Darkening, Line Spectra, Solar Flux, SOLAR PHYSICS, Stellar Spectra, Stellar Structure