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Dederick, E; Jackiewicz, J; Guillot, T

An Analysis of Stochastic Jovian Oscillation Excitation by Moist Convection Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 856 , pp. 50, 2018.

Links | Tags: convection, Planetary atmospheres, planets and satellites: gaseous planets, waves


Dederick, E; Jackiewicz, J

A Possible Mechanism for Driving Oscillations in Hot Giant Planets Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 837 , pp. 148, 2017.

Links | Tags: instabilities, Planetary atmospheres, planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability, planets and satellites: gaseous planets, stars: oscillations


Mayorga, L ~C; Jackiewicz, J; Rages, K; West, R ~A; Knowles, B; Lewis, N; Marley, M ~S

Jupiterrsquos Phase Variations from Cassini: A Testbed for Future Direct-imaging Missions Journal Article

Astronomical Journal, 152 , pp. 209, 2016.

Links | Tags: Planetary atmospheres, planets and satellites: gaseous planets

Klose, Martina ; Jemmett-Smith, Bradley C; Kahanpää, Henrik ; Kahre, Melinda ; Knippertz, Peter ; Lemmon, Mark T; Lewis, Stephen R; Lorenz, Ralph D; Neakrase, L; Newman, Claire ; Patel, Manish R; Reiss, Dennis ; Spiga, Aymeric ; Whelley, Patrick L

Dust Devil Sediment Transport: From Lab to Field to Global Impact Journal Article

ßr, 203 (1-4), pp. 377-426, 2016.

Links | Tags: Dust devils, Dust emission, Dust environmental impact, Earth, Field measurements, Lab experiments, Mars, Modeling, Planetary atmospheres, Sediment transport


Fonti, S; Mancarella, F; Liuzzi, G; Roush, T ~L; Chizek Frouard, M; Murphy, J; Blanco, A

Revisiting the identification of methane on Mars using TES data Journal Article

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 581 , pp. A136, 2015.

Links | Tags: analysis, astrobiology, infrared: planetary systems, methods: data, Planetary atmospheres, planets and satellites: terrestrial planets, spectroscopic, techniques:


Suggs, R ~M

Temporal Albedo Variations in Saturn's Atmosphere. PhD Thesis

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces., 1983.

Tags: Aerosols, Albedo, Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Physics, Clouds, Digital Data, Equatorial Regions, Lunar and Planetary Exploration, Periodic Variations, Photometers, Photometry, Planetary atmospheres, Planetary Magnetic Fields, Planetary Orbits, Planetary Radiation, Polar Regions, Reflectance, Saturn (Planet), Voyager Project