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Bordoloi, R; Lilly, S ~J; Kacprzak, G ~G; Churchill, C ~W

Modeling the Distribution of Mg II Absorbers around Galaxies Using Background Galaxies and Quasars Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 784 , pp. 108, 2014.

Links | Tags: intergalactic medium, ISM: jets and outflows


Hornbeck, J ~B; Grady, C ~A; Perrin, M ~D; Wisniewski, J ~P; Tofflemire, B ~M; Brown, A; Holtzman, J ~A; Arraki, K; Hamaguchi, K; Woodgate, B; Petre, R; Daly, B; Grogin, N ~A; Bonfield, D ~G; Williger, G ~M; Lauroesch, J ~T

PDS 144: The First Confirmed Herbig Ae-Herbig Ae Wide Binary Journal Article

Astrophysical Journal, 744 , pp. 54, 2012.

Links | Tags: Herbig Ae/Be, Herbig-Haro objects, ISM: jets and outflows, protoplanetary disks, stars: individual: IRAS 15462-2551 TYC 6782-878-1, stars: variables: T Tauri