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Graduate Student NMSUAstronomy

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Biographical Info

I am a graduate student in the Astronomy Dept, beginning in August 2017. My hometown is Cleveland, Ohio. I recieved my BS in Physics from Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio, working under Dr. Jason Pinkney as my advisor.


My undergraduate research dealt in determining the masses of supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies using various methods, particularly stellar kinematics (M-sigma relation) and gas disk kinematics. My area of interest during my graduate studies at NMSU is aimed more towards planetary sciences, currently working with Dr. Jim Murphy in studies and modeling of the Martian atmosphere.

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Meetings Attended
  • Ohio Section APS (OSAPS) Regional Meeting, Spring 2013
  • OSAPS Regional Meeting, Fall 2013 (Poster Presentation)
  • OSAPS Regional Meeting, Spring 2014
  • OSAPS Regional Meeting, Fall 2014 (Poster Presentation)
  • OSAPS Regional Meeting, Spring 2015
  • OSAPS Regional Meeting, Fall 2015
  • OSAPS Regional Meeting, Spring 2016 (Poster Presentation)
Teaching and Outreach Activities

Lab Teaching Assistant, ASTR 105

I also enjoy public outreach in the area of astronomy, especially with the use of telescopes and observatories. During my time in undergrad I helped run observatory public events as president of the Astronomy Club and was a teaching assistant for several physics labs and introductory astronomy courses. I also worked for eight months at a science museum (Great Lakes Science Center) in Cleveland, engaging with guests, serving as a tour guide, and performing science demonstrations.


In my free time, I enjoy amateur astronomy, hiking and camping, videogames, reading, and desperately trying to make up for lost sleep.


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