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I am a fifth year PhD candidate with a research focus on stellar populations and galaxy evolution. I am working with Jon Holtzman, and the APOGEE and APOGEE-2 surveys to examine both nearby and more distant stellar disk populations within the Milky Way, in order to explore Galactic evolution. The APOGEE survey of SDSS-III obtained high resolution near-IR spectra of ~130,000 stars in the Milky Way. The primary goal was to determine detailed abundances of ~15 different elements, in an effort to use chemistry to help to understand the formation and evolution of the stellar populations of the Galaxy (primarily the disk). The near-IR is optimal for the primary red giant targets and for penetrating the dust in the disk of the Milky Way. As the APOGEE-2 survey continues this work in SDSS-IV, observations will continue in the northern hemisphere at Apache Point Observatory (APO) and will be expanded to the southern hemisphere on the du Pont 2.5m telescope at La Serena, Chile.

Not only has the APOGEE survey expanded to the southern hemisphere, but 10 fibers now connect the APOGEE instrument to the NMSU 1m telescope at APO, allowing for single object observations with the instrument, when not being used on the Sloan 2.5m of course. Additionally, the NMSU 1m is set up to observe robotically. For the first 3 years of SDSS-IV, I will be the lead of 1m+APOGEE observations. Using this 1m+APOGEE capability, I am working to observe a volume-limited sample of nearby red giant stars with distances measure by Hipparcos. With the quality of the APOGEE spectra, we will provide age estimates for our sample that can be extended to the main APOGEE sample. From this we hope to build a map of the solar neighborhood that can be extended to the entire disk and trace how each population fits into the evolution of the Milky Way.

An additional project I am working on is obtaining high-resolution optical spectra of APOGEE survey targets using the ARC echelle spectrograph on the APO 3.5m telescope in order to provide an independent optical analysis for the NIR survey. Unfortunately abundance analysis is less well developed in the near-IR then in the optical, and the prevalence of many NIR molecular features further complicates things. In addition, there are some elemental groups, in particular elements from the neutron capture group, that likely do not have strong features in the near-IR. The optical spectra will provide a check for the APOGEE pipeline analysis, as well as provide additional abundances of neutron capture elements.


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Project with APOGEE at NMSU
Diane Feuillet
New Meixco Symposium
Nov 2012, Socorro, NM

Obtaining Optical Spectra of APOGEE Stars
Diane Feuillet
APOGEE Team Meeting
Jan 2012, Dallas, TX

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Local Group Astrostatistics
June, 2015
MIRA, University of Michigan

The Milky Way and Its Stars:
Stellar Astrophysics, Galactic Archaeology, and Stellar Populations
February, 2015
KITP, Santa Barbara, CA

AAS 225th Meeting
January, 2015
Seattle, WA

July, 2014
Park City, UT
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