Astronomy 500: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Seminar Program
Date      Presenter   Paper
Jan. 15NicoleSeminar Introduction, Overview of SDSS
Jan. 21Adam Color Confirmation of Asteroid Families
Ivezic et al. 2002, AJ, 124, 2943
Measuring the Undetectable: Proper Motions and Parallaxes of Very Faint Sources
Lang, Hogg, Jester & Rix 2008, AJ, submitted
Jan. 28Jeff MARVELS: Characterizing Extrasolar Planets
SDSS-III Survey Project
Feb. 4Malynda Where Are the Old-Population Hypervelocity Stars?
Kollmeier & Gould 2007, ApJ, 664, 343
An Alternative Origin for Hypervelocity Stars
Abadi, Navarro & Steinmetz 2009, ApJ, 691, L63
Feb. 11Liz APOGEE: The Inner Milky Way
SDSS-III Survey Project
Feb. 18Michael Two Stellar Components in the Halo of the Milky Way
Carollo et al. 2007, Nature, 450, 1020
Feb. 25Randy Cats and Dogs, Hair and a Hero: A Quintet of New Milky Way Companions
Belokurov et al. 2007, ApJ, 654, 897
Mar. 4Maria SEGUE & SEGUE-2: The Outer Milky Way
SDSS-II and SDSS-III Survey Projects
Mar. 11Leland Discovery of Eight New Extremely Metal Poor Galaxies in the SDSS
Kniazev et al. 2003, ApJ, 593, 73
SDSS 0809+1729: Connections Between Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxies and Gamma-Ray Burst Hosts
Kewley et al. 2007, AJ, 133, 882
Mar. 18David A Search for the Most Massive Galaxies: Double Trouble?
Bernardi et al. 2005, AJ, 131, 2018
Galaxy Zoo: Morphologies Derived from Visual Inspection of Galaxies from the SDSS
Lintott et al. 2008, MNRAS, 389, 1179
Apr. 1M.J. Gas Infall and Stochastic Star Formation in Galaxies in the Local Universe
Kauffmann et al. 2006, MNRAS, 367, 1394
Apr. 8Greg BOSS: Dark Energy and the Geometry of Space
SDSS-III Survey Project
Apr. 15Robert A Survey of z > 5.7 Quasars in the SDSS IV: Discovery of Seven Additional Quasars
Fan et al. 2006, AJ, 131, 1203
Apr. 22NicoleSDSS and Statistics
Apr. 29NicoleSeminar Overview