R. T. James Mcateer

Dr. McAteer is the PI of the Solar Physics and Space Weather research group at New Mexico State University. Prior to this he held fellowships at Trinity College Dublin, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Queen's Univeristy Belfast. He is a Co-Investigator on the Solar Orbiter mission, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), and the ROSA instrument based at the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot (NM).



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Since completing his PhD in 2004, Professor. R. T. James McAteer has published over 50 research papers , including book chapters on Turbulence and Self Organized Criticality. He has won multiple international grants as principal investigator, including a Marie Curie Fellowshop from the European Union, a NRC fellowship and other grants from NASA, and most recently a 5-year Faculty Career Award from NSF. Dr McAteer has taught and supervised multiple graduate students, and supervised postdoctoral researchers at NMSU.