STAT: Compute Statistics of Data in a File

The STAT command can be used to determine information about the data values in an ASCII file. For the MAX and MIN functions, the given expression is evaluated for each line in the file. For the FIRST function, the expression is evaluated for the first line in the file and for the LAST function the expression is evaluated for the last line in the file. The COUNT function merely counts the lines in the file. Remember that SKIP'ed lines (see the SKIP command) are never included in the calculations. These STAT functions are not the same as the normal VISTA math functions and can not be included in other mathematical expressions.

The LOAD function allows the user to load data from an input ASCII file into a VISTA image buffer. Arithmetic operations may be performed on the input data before loading into the buffer. Simply specify the desired buffer and the arithmetic expression to load. The new buffer will automatically be created.