OPEN: Open an ASCII Text File

\item[\textbf{Form: } OPEN logical\_name file\_name\hfill]{}
...ories or
extensions are applied to the name before it is opened.}

OPEN attempts to do a Fortran OPEN on the specified file. Such files must be normal sequential files as might be generated by the editor or various commands. If the file is successfully opened the logical_name is then assigned to the opened file and all further references to the file are made using the logical name. If an OPEN is done using a logical name which is already assigned to an opened file, this old file is closed and the new file is opened. When a file is first opened, the first line of the file is ready to be read. A detailed example of how to use OPEN and the logical file name is given in the description of the READ command.

A maximum of up to five (5) files can be OPEN'ed at once. See CLOSE to close a currently open file.

\item[OPEN DATA ./mydatafile.dat\hfill]{ Opens the file for reading
and assigns it the logical name DATA.}

Note that while in Unix all file names are case sensitive, but within VISTA the logical names assigned to them are case insensitive, thus:

   OPEN DATA ./myfile.dat
   OPEN data ./myfile.dat
are identical.