GET/SAVE: Get/Save a VISTA Data File

The SAVE and GET commands are used for writing out results produced by other VISTA routines to disk for future use by VISTA or other programs, and getting them back again. Various VISTA commands will generate reduced data which you may want to save for later analysis. To SAVE or GET results from a specific program, specify that program's keyword and a file name. If no file name is given, VISTA will ask you for one. More than one keyword can be specified at a time. By default, all files are kept in the data directory (specified by the V_DATADIR environment variable) with the file extensions given below. These can be overridden if desired. To examine the current results that VISTA is storing, use the PRINT command.

At this time VISTA provides for the storage of the following data types:

Note that for DAOPHOT files (COO= or DAO=), you can set the LOWBAD and/or HIGHBAD data values using the LOW= and HIGH= keywords.

The various formats for the different types of data files are described in more detail in the commands which make use of them.

Examples: Assume the data directory is vista/data