GOTO: Jump to a Specified Place in a Procedure

GOTO tells VISTA to jump to a line in the procedure buffer beginning with ``label_name:''. The label_name can be any alphanumeric string. You can jump out of, but not into, a procedure DO loop or IF block. In the latter cases, VISTA will trigger an error condition and abort the procedure. The jump can be in either direction in the procedure buffer (either before or after the GOTO command in the procedure).

The jump-point label may be any valid string terminated with a ':' (color) immediately following the label. No other commands can appear following the label on the same line. Note that the ':' is omitted in the GOTO statement.

Example 1:

     Any number of procedure lines...
   The next commands to be executed...
This jumps forward over the intervening lines to the label ``WHEREVER:''.

Example 2:

     Any number of procedure lines...
This exectues the lines, then jumps backwards to the label NOWHERE: and executes them again.