TEMPLATE: Generate an Image from a User-Supplied Profile

TEMPLATE generates either a Gaussian (GAUSS), exponential disk (EXP), Hubble (HUB), or deVaucouleurs (DEV) template from an input profile spectrum originally calculated using the CUT or PROFILE command. The Eccentricity, Position Angle of the brightness profile stored in the spectrum, and the Position Angle of the Major axis are all stored in a common block and generally need not be reloaded using the appropriate keywords. These keywords permit the user to "fine tune" the fit in the event that the loaded parameters are not ideal. The actual nonlinear least squares fit to the appropriate brightness law is carried out for spectrum points n1 through n2 using the FIT= keyword. This permits, for example, fitting an exponential disk to the outer portions of the brightness profile while leaving the central (perhaps bulge) component alone. At this time only one surface brightness law at a time can be fit.

N.B.The user must have an image with the same characteristics (size, etc.) as the template already in the destination buffer. This image will of course be overwritten by the generated template. The SUB keyword permits the subtraction of the generated template from the image already in the destination buffer.

\item[TEMPLATE 2 1 FIT=10,19 EXP\hfill]{Generates an exponentia...
deVaucouleurs profile and subtracts fit from image already in 2}